Sunday, March 1, 2009

Welcome to the Idaho Falls Zuki Blog

We bought another Samurai on February 23. It's quite a story. It dawned on me to create a blog for it.
NOTE added September 2010: We made only one post on thuis blog back when we created it in early 2009.  Then it sat dormant until we bought another Zuki.  The one we bought back in February 2009 was junk and we turned right around and sold it.  Its transfer case was shot so we had to swap that out and get a good used one in it.  Meanwhile, though my assessment was that it was going to take way too much to put the Sammi in decent shape.  Luckily, I got my money out of it (including the cost of the t-case) and the buyer was told every little thing that it needed.  The buyer worked at a gold mine in Nevada and he said he understood what it needed and he was happy as a clam to get it.  Go figure.  Someplace I still have a slideshow I made of that one. Maybe I will find it.  Well, I found it.  It took some searching, that's for sure.  Below is a slideshow of the Zuki that prompted the creation of this blog.  Each slide has a caption.  I made the show in order to sell the Zuki--people said they really appreciated the show a lot--that's what got the eventual buyer interested.  From now on, anytime we sell a vehicle, we're going to make one of these shows and "tell it ALL!"  Enjoy.

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