Saturday, February 26, 2011

Big Wheel Keeps on Spinnin'

 Enno (left) and Daryl show off The Samurai BBQ.
 The back end will be a huge beer cooler.  
The built-in bottle opener is shown below.
Throughout what we've calling "The Wheel Deal," that line from the Steve Miller Band tune "Jet Liner" keeps echoing in my head.

"I've got to keep on keeping on
You know the big wheel keeps a-spinning around."

So far, I've met five great guys: Sam, Bobby, Steve, Enno and Daryl.  Each Zuk owner has really opened my mind and helped me understand some really cool stuff.  Who knew the search for some wheels could wind up being so danged much fun?

Yesterday "The Wheel Deal" saga continued when I sought to drop off two wheels for Steve and one of his buddies.  I had tried to make the drop at Fry's Electronic on the west side of the valley Thursday.  That didn't work out.  Saturday morning, I got the bright idea to ask the ZOA Forum members if anyone living in the East Valley could get the wheels over to Steve in the West Valley's community of Surprise.  Within a short time, Enno replied and said he could do it.  So, I went out there in the early afternoon Friday.  I had no idea what a great afternoon was in store for me.

Enno and his friend, Daryl, were visiting to talk over some of their ideas for fabricating various Zuk interior items.  Right away I spotted the soon-to-be Famous & Legendary Samurai BBQ.  My eyes about popped when I saw it.  Luckily, Enno and Daryl had time and were in the mood to tell me all about it.  This puppy is the finest such BBQ I have ever seen and is definitely destined for fame & glory.  I'd be willing to betcha real money it will be on a magazine cover in the not too distant future.  It's so awesome it deserves it's own whole blog, not just a mention on this blog post.

After drooling over the BBQ, our talk turned to the various things Enno and Daryl were trying to do for the Zuk People. It's obvious that both Enno and Daryl truly love Zuks of all kinds and types.  We talked over lots of ideas and they were both real receptive to the concepts that I had to offer.  I won't go into detail about them here but I have a hunch one or more of those ideas will be coming soon to a Zuk retailer near you.  It was really exciting to be able to provide some ideas that appeared to be interesting to Enno and Daryl.  It's clear they both have the skill and equipment to turn ideas into reality and that's even MORE exciting!

It was a great afternoon and we can all blame it on "The Wheel Deal."  May that Big Wheel keep on spinnin'!


Have a great day & Cheers.

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