Saturday, March 5, 2011

Travel Tools

Here's most of the tools we travel with.  This assortment will change when we get back to Idaho.  That's where all my "real" tools are located, as well as all my spare Zuk parts.  At least this inventory is a bare bones minimum to get us through until our May return to Tater Nation.  That's a 10-ton bottle jack.  It's definitely overkill for a Zuk but the big jack was less expensive than a smaller jack.  Go figure.  The jack is sitting on an aluminum plate that helps stabilize it in loose or soft soils.  The black box contains a portable CB radio.  We're hoping to get our HAM license and a decent hand held  HAM band radio before we head north.  We always carry the stuff for the stock Samurai scissors jack.  It's a pretty worthless jack but "ya just never know."  We always carry a breaking bar with the right size socket for any given vehicle's lug nuts.  The Zuk's are 19 mm.

Not shown is a bag containing our tow strap and chain as well as our two first aid kits.  Two first aid kits?  Whazzup wit dat?  Well, one first aid kit is for us humans.  The other one is for the Zuk.  It contains duct tape, electrical tape, baling wire, assorted cable ties, fuses, JB Weld, and Super Glue.

We also need to add a container of coolant and brake fluid.  The only other thing not shown is a small tarp.  That tarp can come in real handy if you're changing a tire in sloppy conditions.

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