Saturday, March 5, 2011

Personal gear rigging

Here's how we rig our personal gear.  A piece of OSB is bolted on top of the spare tire.  Various eye bolts are placed around the board.  Susun and I each have our own plastic tub for whatever we care to pack.  The bungee cords really hold those tubs down well.  The small cooler wedges firmly between the two tubs and doesn't need a separate tie down.  (Another soft cooler sits behind the driver seat so it doesn't violate the "within arm's reach" Law of Wheelin'.)  On each side of the spare tire are two folding chairs, our hiking sticks and a lightweight camera tripod.
The photo below shows how it looks from the back.  The rear tub holds all the tools and stuff described below.  That tub is attached to the Zuk floor using the two bolts that normally secure the rear sear bracket.  The blue bag to the left holds the tow strap and chain.
The photo below shows how the OSB sits in relation to the spare tire.  Below that is a photo of how we can rig other stuff on the open space in front of our personal tubs.  Having five eye bolts up there gives a lot of options for keeping stuff from moving around.  Two ZOA members are thinking about making for sale a custom rigging set up for the interior of a Zuk.  We sure hope they do but in the meantime, this is the core of what we travel with.  There's plenty of room for our tent, sleeping bags and the other stuff we will need to camp with when that time comes this summer.

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