Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Phase One Completed

We've owned the Zuki barely two weeks and we consider the 14 projects completed so far to be the end of Phase One for this vehicle.  Now it's time to drive it and evaluate whether we want to keep it for the long run.  Chances are we will at least keep it into and possibly through next summer before making a final decision as to whether it becomes a permanent member of the household. (Click here to read about the Zuki's purchase in Springville, Utah.)

We might undertake a Phase Two this fall and we might not.  There's only one minor project left--checking the rating of the antifreeze and refilling if necessary with fresh fluid.  Since the Zuki will overwinter here, we don't want to return home to a cracked block!

What would be involved in Phase Two?  Here's how Phase 2 would go:

A) Pull radiator. Take to radiator shop for total R&R
B) Buy new upper and lower radiator hoses.
C) Pull fan and fan clutch.
D) Replace alternator
E)Pull timing belt cover, Inspect belt, replace if necessary
F) Re-establish timing marks on crank pulley
G) Check torque on crank pulley bolts
H)Reassemble all of the above
I)Use new fan belt
J)Replace valve cover gasket
K)Check time and adjust as necessary
L)Check distributor cap and rotor and replace if necessary
M)Steam clean and detail engine compartment
N)Swap out old brake fluid with new fluid.
O)Fine tune carburetor mixture

Right now, I've invested a lot of time and money in this Zuki and feel like taking a break.  There's a lot of other non-automotive projects on our plate that need and deserve attention.  It's time to step back from teh Zuki and move on to other area of our lives.

So how much money do we actually have invested in this Zuki?

OK, let's do an approximate tally:

Cost of the Vehicle:  $1950
RT Gas to P/U Zuki  $100
Title & registration  $90
Battery & related  $70
Shocks  $140 (before $33 rebate)
Front bearings  $100
Gear Oil  $38
Instrument Cluster  $25
Gas to get cluster  $10
Broken air cleaner post $8
EGR Valve supplies   $4
Bike rack  $8
Tailpipe  $82
Specialty tools $30
Cleaning supplies $10
Oil change $25
Fuel filter  $6
Misc. $5
Total Parts & Labor  $528
Vehicle & Title         2040
Gas                           100
Total                       $2668

Note, this total reflects actual receipt of the rebate for the shock.  This may or may not happen.
The actual vehicle-related total is slightly under our target of $2500 coming in at $2478.  The remainder of the investment is the gas to go get it and the state fees for title and registration.

We're going to back off and take a break before we put any more money into it.  As we've learned from over 11 years of Zuki ownership, you CAN get your money back out of them if you are careful and prudent in how you manage the various repairs and improvements.  That's why the $2500 level is a good place to take a break.

In the meantime, there's a lot we can do without spending another dime--we've already bought the wheel polish and the car wax and a great car buffer from Harbor Freight.  That money is already reflected in teh total above.  Heck, just waxing  and polishing the beast will take quite a bit of time!

Well, that's it for now with the Zuki.  Future posts will be about gas mileage and performance and so forth.
Thanks for reading--have a great day & CHEERS!  jm

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  1. Gad, I just put gas and oil into mine...?