Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Project # 12 - Front Wheel Bearings

Here's Tim at Oswald's showing off his handiwork. Tim's great and we really enjoy working with him. He's the Main Guy we work with at Oswald's, a small downtown Idaho Falls auto repair business that's been in the same family for at least three, maybe four generations. They are a great service shop and it's such a pleasure doing business with them.

I went in last week after the brake inspection produced news that the left front wheel bearing was "suspect." Tim gave me a price quote (subject to parts that might be needed) and we made a date for Monday. I asked Tim to call when it was torn apart so I could take photos for this blog. He obliged. I held my breath. Would one or both bearings be shot? Would the spindles be OK? Would there be any major damage to the front end? Front wheel bearings are really crucial to the full function of a Zuki. Would we be facing a black hole is something weird was wrong inside those hubs? There's always a lot of anxiety in the wings while waiting for news about "whazzup" with your front bearings.

We won't touch a bearing job. Nope, it's way over our heads. It takes a very special skill to do bearings right and it takes a pro who does it frequently to keep "the touch" intact. As Tim said, "Each vehicle has a 'sweet spot' that you have to learn how to recognize when cranking down the various lock rings and so forth. Well, Tim's a pro who knows the Sweet Spot, that's for sure, and we are so grateful he was able to rip the Zuki down to the naked spindles.

We breathed a major sign of relief when Tim told us everything was OK inside the hubs. It only needed two new seals at ten bucks a pop. Whew, whew and Major Double Whew! Great news! The bill came to $99 and change.  If you've ever had front wheel bearings done, you know what a great price that is for the complex skill and service involved.  We really appreciate the price & service.

If you happen to live in Idaho Falls and if you need any type of repair down to your vehicle, we give Oswald's a five star rating (our highest) and highly recommend their excellent service.

Thanks, Tim! Ya dun good!

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