Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Project #6 - The HIC-Manifold vacuum line

As you've read, the air cleaner cowling was held on (loosely) by baling wire!  I also noted that the small vacuum line that connects a valve inside the air cleaner with the manifold was cut off and plugged with a steel rod.  Today, we set about replacing that six inch line.  The first trick is finding the hose with the correct inside diameter (ID) so it can slip on tight without a hose clamp.  The ID is metric of course and too small for me to measure with my caliper.  It's less than 3/16ths of an inch.  I thought this called for a visit to the professional hose people out on Utah Avenue.  They charged me $1.58 for a foot of "fuel/emission? hose they thought would work.  it didn't.  The ID was too large and it wouldn't make a good seal.  So, I went back to them and they said to go try Rush's, a Carquest Dealer across Cleveland Street from Art's Muffler.  Sure enough, Rush's had the right hose and charged me 61 cents.  So, off I went and had that problem remedied in a jiffy.  Whew, except for the running all over two twice to get the right hose, it was a simple, straightforward job.  Of course, without long nose needle nose pliers, it would have been impossible. The red "X" marks the line in the photo.

Copyright Notice--The small vacuum line diagram is used from ACK's FAQ which is hotlinked via the left hand column here. If you use ACK's stuff, you really oughta donate to him, too! I sure plan to.

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