Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Project #5--The Exhaust System

Project #5 was really easy for me.  All I had to do was delivery and then pick up the Zuki at Art's Muffler Shop in Idaho Falls.  That and pay then $83 cash.  Art's is a throwback business that dates to the 1950's.  It's once of those places that is always "too good to be true."  The people there are truly outstanding and as honest as the sunrise and smarter than tacks.  You wouldn't believe all the stuff they've done for me for free.  I can't even recall all the stuff they've done for free.  This summer, for example, I needed two rebars tips bent at a 90 degree angle to use for campfire management.  They did it free and thanked me for bringing them in!  I've always told these guys I could hardly wait to find a project where I actually could give them some money.  Well, September 21 was the day and I was so happy to pay then $83.  As usual it was a great deal.  First, Stan inspected the whole system and called and told me it needed only a new tailpipe and a catalytic converter.  OUCH!  The cat converter was gonna cost about $300.  I was worried he would say that I HAD to get the cat converter.  But he didn't.  I simply said I couldn't afford the converter right now and would be OK to just do the rotted tailpipe?  He said "Sure" and quoted me $80, plus a pittance of tax.  Sure enough, I went over not long later that there it sat with the spiffiest new tail pipe you ever did see.  I asked Stan if the manifold, donut, and hangers were all OK and he gave them thumbs up and said they were fine. Those guys are so much fun to deal with!  Well, Project #5 is done and it was sure enjoyable.

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