Monday, September 20, 2010

Project #4--The instrument Cluster

I just successfully swapped out the Zuki instrument cluster Friday afternoon, September 24. The broken glass is gone and we gained a trip odometer, too.  The new temp gauge works better than the old one.  It only took a little less than 3 hours round trip.

This is going to be an ongoing project for awhile as I have other stuff to do in the meantime.  So we will consider this post as Phase One of Project #4.  The glass over the speedometer is broken as you can see.  Also, the trip odometer doesn't work.  I think some ham-handed owner got upset that the trip odometer broken and he(she) hit the little reset button a little too hard one day and shattered the glass.
Saturday, I roamed around the various Craigs Lists and found several people selling Zuki parts.  I sent them emails asking if they had other parts.  Cliff in Bannock County replied that he had a variety of parts, including the instrument cluster I needed to R&R the broken glass.  I drove down to Cliff's place Sunday afternoon and he had two clusters.  He settled on a $25 price for one of them and off I went.  I know it's going to be a real adventure swapping this puppy out so I'm not gonna tackle Phase Two right away yet.  At least I have the correct parts assembly and I can cross my fingers and "hope" that the new one works!

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