Saturday, September 18, 2010

Third Project-The Oxygen Sensor.

Right off the bat, I noticed the sensor light staying on all the time on the dashboard. I bought a new oxygen sensor and then remembered I might actually have a good used one. Sure enough, I found that I did indeed have one. Next challenge was the sensor wrench. They essentially rent them free at Auto Zone. You pay $25 and then get your money back if you return the tool. Somehow, though, I was certain I had a 22mm wrench. After much looking, I actually found I did, indeed, own such a wrench. Well, someone had recently replaced the sensor. it came out far too easily and that's a sure sign it had been recently pulled. Oxygen sensors DO NOT come out easily. Period. This one came out like a greased pig. Hum.... Meanwhile, I cleaned the old one and put it back in. The sensor light still stayed on, no luck. So, I pulled the existing sensor and put in my own used sensor. Still no luck. I was not willing to use the new one I bought because my intuition told me it wouldn't work either.

So I got online and went to my Old Standby--the Off-Road.Com Suzuki Forum. There's currently 29,800 threads (topics) with 239,000 posts to those threads on that forum. What those numbers mean is that you can find a solution to any known problem regarding a Suzuki Samurai. So, I simply typed in "sensor light" and, BAM, just like that I had my answer. Sure enough, it really wasn't the sensor--it was a small switch hidden near the steering column. I got under there, found and flipped the switch and, presto, problem solved. While I was at it, I cleaned that area thoroughly. Meanwhile, I pulled out my used sensor and applied some anti-seize compound to its threads and torqued it back into place. it's good to go and the annoying Sensor Light is OFF! YEA!

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