Thursday, September 23, 2010

Project #8 -The Brake Inspection

I got to thinking I should inspect my brakes.  The seller said the rear brakes were new.  Should I believe him?  I dunno.  Meanwhile, what about the front brakes?  It's a real bear to self-inspect brakes.  Imagine my surprise this morning when I opened teh daily newspaper about 6 am and Sears had a coupon for a totally FREE brake inspection.  WOW!

I hotfooted it out to Sears just about the time I thought there might be a late morning lull in their action.  Sure enough, they got me right in a bay and Richard started to work ASAP!  He tore each of the wheels apart--even took out the disc brake pads and measured them with a caliper.  He mic'd the drums and rotors and calipered the rear shoes, too.  WOW, it was way more thorough that I expected.  Then he wrote down everything to the third decimal place on a data sheet and explained to me that the brakes were great and didn't need a thing!  He said the rear ones were almost brand new so that validated the seller's story.  He said I had a LOT of life left in the front brakes and not to worry about them.

He did point out that I needed four shocks and that the left front wheel bearing had a lot of play in it.  Then he put it all back together properly and they let me loose scot free.  It took Richard over an hour to do the job.  They even made a copy of the data sheet for me.  Meanwhile, they quoted $140 "out the door for 4 shocks installed with a $33 rebate, too.  I'm taking 'em up on that one!

I went down to Oswald's and got a quote of $100 to R&R both front wheel bearings, plus parts.  That's a smoking deal so we're booked on Monday morning at 8 am.  Good Ol' Sears really came through today.

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